Before & After School Care


Students attending Notre Dame School in grades PK-8 may be enrolled in After School Care (ASC). PreK and Kindergarteners must be enrolled in the Full Day program in order to participate. Students in grades PK-8 may be enrolled in Before School Care (BSC).

ND ASC/BSC Phone Number

The After School Care phone number is 630-835-9651. Please put this number in your contacts before your child starts the program.

Registration and Fees

There is a one time registration fee of $75 per family for After School Care or Before School Care and $100 per family if you enroll in both programs. If you do not register for the program, you will still be allowed to use the ASC Late Pick Up only and BSC Early Drop off but at a higher daily rate. If your child ends up staying past the Late Pick Up time, you will automatically be registered for the program and charged through FACTS.

Parents can choose to reserve a Late Pick-up, Half Session, or Full Session for their child each day.

  • Late Pick Up is from 3:00-3:30 pm and is $7 per child ($12 per child for non registered families).
  • Half Session is from 3:00-4:30 pm and is $12 per child.
  • Full Session is from 3:00-6:00 pm and is $18 per child (Fridays will end at 5pm).
  • Note: If you have 3 or more children attending ASC, the third child will be half price and the fourth child will attend at no cost.

Reservations for ASC are open. Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to the date(s) booked, otherwise you will be charged. All reservations for ASC should be made no later than 1:00 p.m. to make sure there is coverage for students attending ASC that day. Changes must be done through School Speak. If you do cancel on the day of, please text the ASC phone to let the teacher know that your child will not be coming. Day of drop-ins are welcome and if space is available. Billing is done through FACTS on the 1st week of the month for the previous month. For example, you will be charged for your August reservations during the first week of September.

All students in PK-8 (full day PK/K) are welcome to use the ASC program until 3:30pm even if not registered. Students who are not registered for ASC will be charged $12 for the late pick up option which ends at 3:30pm. Students who are registered for ASC, will be charged $7 for the late pick up option.

If you will be later than 3:05pm to pick up your child, he or she will go to ASC and you may pick them up there (Golf Avenue entrance).

The ASC cell phone number is 630-835-9651. If you need to reach the ASC teacher to inform them of your arrival, please call or text once at the Golf Avenue entrance.

Before School Care

BSC is from 7:00-7:45am and is $7 per child ($12 per child for non-registered families). All students in PK-8 are welcome to use the Before School Care (BSC) program on any school day between 7-7:45am, but reservations must be made in advance using Before School Care Reservations on School Speak.

Reservations must be made by 2:45pm the day before you wish to use the program. If there is no one signed up at 2:45pm, we will not have BSC the following morning. Students who are registered for BSC will be charged $7.

Students who come to the program but are not registered for BSC will be charged $12. Charges will be debited using FACTS.

The parent will drop their child off at the Golf Avenue School Door. At that time, please text the ASC/BSC phone (630-835-9651) to inform the teacher that your child has arrived. Please wait for the teacher to open the door for the student before leaving school grounds.

Calendar / Hours

The ASC Program will follow the school calendar, beginning on the first day of school. The program is not offered on early dismissal days, Christmas vacation, during school holidays/breaks, or summer vacation.

The hours of operation of the program will be 3:00pm-6:00pm Monday-Thursday and 3:00pm-5:00pm on Fridays. The ending time of the program will be strictly enforced. A late charge will be assessed if a parent arrives after closing time. (1st time- $10, 2nd time- $15, and 3rd time- $20). If a parent is late for pick up three times, they will no longer be able to use the program.

The BSC program will follow the school calendar. The program will not be offered during school holidays, breaks, or summer vacation. Before School Care will be held from 7:00-7:50 am. Please do not drop off before 7am. Upon leaving the BSC room, students will go directly to the piazza.

Daily Activities

Each day will be divided into segments in order for the children to maintain a variety of activities. As in a classroom, the director will assess the children to determine what works best for those in attendance each day. Time will be set aside for a snack, physical activity, homework/enrichment activities, and games/ free play.


The ASC/BSC program will be based out of Room 12, which is near the Golf Avenue entrance in the primary wing of the school. The program will also use the gym when available and will go outside to the playground (weather permitting).


Because so many children have allergies or particular food preferences, it is left to families to provide healthy snacks for their children during the time they are in ASC. ASC will not be able to provide snacks if forgotten.


  1. Once children are dismissed from their homerooms, they will proceed to Room 12. If a student will be coming late to ASC from an in house activity, they should check in first at 3:00 and then go to the activity. If a student is leaving for and/or returning from an after school activity, a note needs to be written or a text message sent to the ASC cell phone to explain. After School activities may include chess club, STEM club, after school sports, play practice, tutoring with a Notre Dame teacher within the school, band, piano lessons, girl scouts, or pillo polo. Once a student in ASC leaves campus, they will not be allowed to return to ASC. If a student may walk to an after school activity off campus (i.e. cross country), a text or note must be sent giving permission.
  2. The program director will have a cell phone designated for ASC purposes only. Parents will use the ASC cell phone to communicate with the program director. The cell phone will also be used as a tool for parent pick up. Parents will text or call before pick up and provide an estimated arrival time. Teachers will have the children get ready to leave. Parents will then text or call when they are at the door for pick up. Pick up will occur at the Golf Avenue entrance. The teacher will walk the child to the door for the parent to pick up the child. The teacher will sign the child out. If a family signs up for the half session but arrives after 4:30 to pick up their child, they will be charged for a full session and will be billed for the additional charge. If you find that your phone does not always send or receive texts correctly with the ASC phone, please call instead of texting. We have not had a problem receiving calls, just the occasional text.
  3. It is the parents’ responsibility to sign up or remove your child from ASC on School Speak. The school office and staff of ASC will not be able to do this. Please login from your computer or use the School Speak app.
  4. If a student is signed up for ASC but plans change on that day, parents should remove the students’ name from School Speak reservations by 1:00 p.m. so that the teacher in charge that day is not wondering why the student is not at ASC.
  5. If anyone besides the parent is picking up a child from ASC, please text the ASC phone with the instructions. Also, please make sure the person picking up understands the pick up procedure.
  6. Until the provider becomes familiar with families, an I.D. will be required before a child will be released.
  7. Occasionally, we will be playing at the gym or outside. If you are picking up while we are there, pick ups will occur from those locations and we will let you know if that is the case.

Code of Conduct

Please refer to the Notre Dame School Handbook for the code of conduct. The expectations held for students do not change with the end of the school day. The respect for teachers and each other continues throughout the hours that students attend the after school care program. Consequences for violating the code of conduct may result in loss of privilege, as well as removal from the after school care program.

Emergency Procedure

Prior to the first day of attendance, each student must have an emergency card on file. Information must include emergency call numbers, as well as those persons to whom children may be released in case of emergency. Should it become necessary for a child to be released to one of these designees, an I.D.must be produced.

Should an emergency arise, the procedures in place for the grade school will be followed by the ASC program. Evacuation in case of fire will be according to the posted information in each room. In case of a tornado, the emergency measures recommended and posted in the rooms will be followed. Until the crisis has passed, the children will shelter in place while the parents/guardians are notified of the time and place for pick up should it differ from normal procedures.